Our Process and Quality Guarantee

At Shade Smart, we do everything we can to bring your dream outdoor living space to life. All our patio shades are designed and built to the highest standards, and all workmanship and materials are covered under warranty. Continue reading to learn more about our design and build process, and the quality standards that we work to.

The Shade Smart Process


We arrange a time for a free onsite quotation. Our team will come to your site and listen to what you want, and our agents will provide professional recommendations to suit your needs. We will provide you with an accurate quote and explain exactly what the money is paying for.


After establishing exactly what it is you want; our designers will provide you with an initial plan and design based on customer needs.


Once the basic initial plan has been approved, our 3D CAD software provides you with images of your dream pergola and the first version of the manufacturing draft so that all the smaller details can be worked out.


After the design has been approved by the customer, our professional team will return to the site to collect accurate measurements. During this visit, the team will also meet with you to confirm all the details, such as colour choices, drainage plans, and more.


Once we have tweaked all the final details, the pieces of your outdoor shade will be ordered and manufactured. While this is happening, we will continue to keep you updated on the progress of the order and inform you of the installation date. A final installation plan will be sent to you.


Our team will install your new shade, a process that is normally completed in a day or two. The whole installation process is monitored to ensure that everything is done perfectly and that the shade will hold up over the 15 years warranty.


After the job is complete, we will go over all details one by one with clients to make sure that the client is satisfied. After this is done, all that’s left is for you to enjoy your new outdoor living space!

Ready to start the process?

If you are ready to give your home or workplace an additional outdoor space, contact Shade Smart for a free, no-obligation quote. Our friendly team are always happy to hear from you.